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Big Five Safari

Unforgettable experiences in Canada’s north. Big Five Safari is a nod to the incredible......more

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Birds, Bears, Belugas Adventure

Seal River Heritage Lodge, located 60 beautiful kilometers by air from......more

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Knight Inlet Lodge

Located 50 miles north of Campbell River Knight Inlet floats in one of the largest fjords......more

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Laurentides Wildlife Resort

The Laurentides Wildlife Reserve offers outdoor enthusiasts a selection of recreationsl activities......more

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Wildlife Holidays in North America

The diverse terrain of North America is a habitat for a huge variety of wildlife. The climate is as varied as the landscape and provides a haven for migrating birds, marine wildlife and land mammals.

From the Far North of Alaska to the Deep South there is a wealth of national and provincial parks teeming with life. Although you can see a huge number of creatures on your travels the most popular we have highlighted below.

Popular Wildlife Viewing Holidays:


Can be seen in May, with young cubs, to September, gorging on salmon ready for the Winter. There are many areas to view the different species, but British Columbia, Alberta and Alaska are prime sites for bear watching. Black bear observation in Québec is popular. Polar Bear adventures can be taken in Churchill, Manitoba and the rare "spirit bear" or Kermode Bear can only be found in Canada.


Many species from marine birds to songbirds can be found in North America. Prime viewing throughout but outstanding spots are Newfoundland, Alaska, Texas and Arizona.


Best time to view whales is from June to September. Small ship cruising holidays are an excellent way to see these magnificent creatures but there are many excursions that can be taken. Among the best areas for viewing are Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St Lawrence, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, Alaska and California.

Frontiers North Adventures

Frontiers North Adventures provides breathtaking journeys to see polar bears, beluga whales, northern lights and more.  Specializing in authentic adventures in Canada's north, Frontiers North Adventures provides expert-guided tours geared to travelers with interests in experiential travel, photography, culture and adventure. Owners and Operators of the Tundra Buggy® Adventures, Frontiers North operates their polar bear tours in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. This world-famous destination has the largest concentration of polar bears and provides the best opportunities to view and photograph the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba. Recognized as an international leader in sustainable tourism, in 2011 Frontiers North’s Tundra Buggy® Adventures were identified as a Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience, in 2009 as Skål International’s Ecotourism Operator of the Year, in 2006 by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada as one of the top three Sustainable Tourism Operators in the country, and in 2005 by Travel Manitoba as the top Sustainable Tourism Operator in the province. Frontiers North Adventures generates polar bear conservation awareness through their partnership with Polar Bears International.

Churchill Polar Bear Tours

Explore the world-famous northern town of Churchill, Manitoba where there are just as many polar bears as there are people. Choose to stay in a Churchill Hotel to experience life on the edge of the arctic or for those who want total immersion in the world of the polar bear, a stay at the Tundra Buggy Lodge is a must. Regardless of whether you stay in Churchill or at the Tundra Buggy® Lodge, polar bear viewing takes place from a Tundra Buggy® in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, home to the largest concentration of polar bears in Churchill. From the open deck of a Tundra Buggy® we can safely get up close to polar bears in the wild bringing us face to face with these magnificent animals. As a spirited adventurer, you will love waking up with the bears and watching them from the Tundra Buggy® Lodge. This mobile lodge is your safe haven for viewing and photographing the beautiful wilderness – enjoy the polar bears, day or night, as their lives unfold before your eyes. With the Churchill hotel-based stays, experience the arctic wildlife out on the tundra including ptarmigan, arctic fox and of course the mighty polar bear as well as have the opportunity to explore this unique northern town and learn about the culture of the people of the north. 

Natural Habitat Adventures

If you would like a unique and unusual wildlife holiday Natural Habitat Adventures’ itineraries are a departure from the norm. Rare, once in a lifetime opportunities are their speciality and because you travel in small groups your chosen experience is a lot more personal. This is not the traditional coach tour involving large groups with many stops to well trodden tourist areas. To travel with Natural Habitat Adventures provides with a personal and richly rewarding exploration amongst the wonders of nature.

The philosophy of Natural Habitat Adventures is that staying in unique lodges helps to provide uncommon wildlife encounters. Expedition leaders liaise with scientists so guests are afforded captivating encounters usually unavailable to the casual tourist. As with North American Highways’ itineraries, accommodation is selected to add to the entire experience sacrificing none of the comfort but still retaining all the adventure.

Departures are guaranteed regardless of numbers giving you the security and confidence to book flights and pre and post tour arrangements without fear of cancellation.

Integral to the mission of Natural Habitat Adventures is the understanding that a complete travel experience includes protecting and preserving our natural habitats and the wildlife that lives in these remarkable places. World Wildlife Fund has selected Natural Habitat Adventures as their official conservation provider to offer travel opportunities in conjunction with them. Long after your return World Wildlife Fund will be working hard to help you save these places and species to ensure they will be around for your next visit, your children’s visit and for all future generations.

All trips with Natural Habitat Adventures are completely carbon neutral making them the world’s first 100% carbon neutral travel company and all carbon emissions resulting from your tour with them has been offset.

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