Natural Habitat Adventures Classic Polar Bear Viewing Tour Always awe inspiring, polar bears in the wild offer a natural encounter charged with drama and magic. Yet a warming climate and melting ice sheet are affecting Arctic ecosystems, th

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Arctic Odyssey in Saskatchewan

Unforgettable experiences in Canada’s north. Big Five Safari is a nod to the incredible array of mega-fauna that populate the rivers, forests and tundra of the beautiful province of Manitoba. Discover Manitoba's own Big Five: moose, black b

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Big Five Safari  in Manitoba

Seal River Heritage Lodge, located 60 beautiful kilometers by air from Churchill, Manitoba, will be your home away from home for this exciting week. Known as the Polar Bear capital of the world, this area is also the best place to

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Birds, Bears, Belugas Adventure in Manitoba

Glaciers ice the summits of the peaks, spawning rivers that plot a route to the sea through ancient forests of cedar, hemlock and fir. The waters and woods of the Bella Coola Valley have sheltered great wildlife populations for millenni

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Glaciers, Grizzlies & Wildlife in British Columbia & Alberta

Each March, 250,000 harp seals migrate from Greenland to the Gulf of St. Lawrence to bear their young on the vast ice floes surrounding the Magdalen Islands. For centuries the pups have been hunted for their immaculate white pelts. Now, baby har

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Harp Seal Watch  in Québec

Located 50 miles north of Campbell River Knight Inlet floats in one of the largest fjords on the British Columbia coast. The surroundings are spectacular, steep cliffs fall away to the deep blues and greens of the glacial fed water. The lodge is 37 m

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Knight Inlet Lodge in British Columbia & Alberta

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USA > Alaska - Wildlife Viewing

Katmai National Park covers almost 4 million acres of wilderness on the Alaska Peninsula, 250 miles southwest of Anchorage. The park is home to the Alaskan brown bear which thrives in the sub-arctic environment. Brooks Lodge is inside the park and

View USA Wildlife Viewing holiday Land of Katmai in Alaska

The Laurentides Wildlife Reserve offers outdoor enthusiasts a selection of recreationsl activities such as black bear explorations and Rebaska canoe expeditions and a visit to moose meeting grounds. You will learn to spot bear tracks, observe and pho

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Laurentides Wildlife Resort in Québec

Stay at the Great White Bear Tundra Lodge, situated just outside Churchill on the arctic tundra itself. Safe inside our custom lodge, we experience surprising comfort, considering our environs. This “train” of connected bedrooms, dining ro

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Polar Bear Adventure in Saskatchewan

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Wildlife Viewing

If Polar Bears top your list of must-see Arctic wildlife, choose an arctic cruise to Spitsbergen. This remarkable island hosts an astonishing array of Arctic wildlife, protected within six national parks. The island itself  is  a UNESCO Wor

View  Wildlife Viewing holiday Spitsbergen Explorer  in

Visit the Great Bear Rainforest, the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. Explore the natural habitat of the Spirit Bear and home of the world’s only Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy. Unique tours in the ancestral lands and traditi

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Sprirt Bear Lodge  in British Columbia & Alberta

This tour is specifically designed for the amateur or professional naturalist who enjoys viewing and photographing wildlife and birds.Participants are free to linger and look and, within limits set by the guide, alter plans at will.

View Canada Wildlife Viewing holiday Summer Wildlife & Culture on Baffin Island in Nunavut

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Wildlife Viewing

The Pacific gray whale migration from Alaska’s Bering Sea to the warm waters of Baja’s lagoons is the longest mammal migration on earth. Nearly hunted to extinction in the past, these gentle leviathans have made a dramatic comeback and today show lit

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